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    Icons residing on Sydney Harbour and gateway to this beautiful land.

    Uluru, amazing geological structure sacred to the Aborigines for over 25,000 years.

    Land of the great outdoors whether snow, mountains, desert or sea.

    A sample of the beauty upon the largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef.

    One of the most beautiful countries in the world.

    The unique house of government in Canberra connected to nature entirely.


Check Our Australia's Main Cities and Regions Below




Adelaide has been named Australia’s most liveable city; where population has the best quality of life across the entire country. 

The city is very easy to get around and for this reason is known as the “20 minute city”. The airport, the City, the Hills and the beaches are always less than half an hour away by car.  Its landscape is colored in green from the large number of trees right in the middle of the city buildings as well as shaped by the hills on the background of every place you go.

Adelaide has a diverse cultural lifestyle, food is sensational and the region is proudly known as the Australia’s wine capital, with numerous wineries to choose from. 

Just two hours’ drive and a short ferry ride south of Adelaide you will find Kangaroo Island, and iconic touristic destination with pristine beaches, unique wildlife and unforgettable sunsets.



Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia`s second largest State and also also known as the Sunshine State.

The city of Brisbane is bordered on three sides by the Brisbane River, which is highly used by its population to dine, drink, leisure and exercise. The air is filled with optimism and a sense of adventure with a fresh approach to life: that`s what Brisbane is all about.

You will be amazed by the variety of attractions and also surprised by the open and friendly attitude of the locals. Brisbane is a city with an innovative and vibrant edge, with great night life, modern, cosmopolitan and free spirited outlook.

From pristine beaches in Moreton Bay to lush mountain hideaways, Brisbane truly is a place where you will be entertained daily.



Cairns city is the principal centre of the far north region of Queensland; which is framed by the rainforest Australia’s Wet Tropics to the west and north and the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park to the east.

These are all World Heritage sites known worldwide by its high ecological significance. Cairns attractions rank as some of the most original and exciting in Australia. Its golden sunny beaches are a Mecca for scuba divers, snorkelers, reef cruises, fishing, as well as rainforest walks, outback "bush" adventures, native bird and wildlife watching.  

No matter where you go, you will be amazed by breathtaking landscapes. Cairns is also the place to experience the Aboriginal culture and to meet friendly locals that strongly reflect the adventurous Australian spirit.



The Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia and one of the fastest growing regions. Famous for its warm weather, sunny days and one of the world`s best waves, Gold Coast City stretches along 57 kilometres of coastline. It`s a place where you can let loose and feel free. 

The Gold Coast offers something for everyone: beyond its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife, there is a vast rainforest hinterland to explore. Indulge your senses as you enjoy the diversity of this beach city and discover why the Gold Coast truly is famous for fun.



Melbourne is Victoria’s capital city and the business, administrative, cultural and recreational hub of the state.

The cultural atmosphere marks the city, where a variety of artistic expression and sometimes controversial art is exposed on its streets. Melbourne also holds important events throughout the year such as the Australian Open of Tennis, Formula 1, Melbourne Cup, Film Festivals, Jazz Festivals and lots more.

Melburnians are known for being friendly and inclusive; and their population is characterized by its multiculturalism. With a vibrant night life, Melbourne is a place for those who love culture as much as parties.



Perth is the capital of Western Australia, located alongside the peaceful waters of the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.

The city`s climate is warm in the summer, when you enjoy places like Rottnest Island or Cottesloe Beach and chilled in winter, when it is the perfect time to explore the Swan Valley Region, one of Western Australia`s oldest wine regions. 

Perth is a very diverse city with over 80 kilometres of white sandy beaches and great surf; it also offers a range of choices for shopping, nightclubs, pubs, cafes and eateries with an eclectic mix of cuisines. 

Cultural sites and historical attractions are also part of the Perth experience. From museums, theatres and galleries, Perth offers entertainment for everyone.  



Queensland`s Sunshine Coast starts around Caloundra and extends to Noosa Heads in the north (the gateway town to Fraser Island). It also extends inland to the beautiful and peaceful hinterland.  

The Coast is located over an hour`s drive from Brisbane (north bound) and is characterized by its unique nature, relaxed yet trendy atmosphere. Stunning beaches, clear warm water, surfing, fishing and boating are only a few of the activities the Sunshine Coast has to offer.



Sydney is Australia`s oldest and largest city and is one of the busiest commercial hubs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Set on a stunning harbour and with a cosmopolitan population, Sydney is home to two of the world`s most recognizable icons − the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. The 20th-century architectural masterpiece, along with the Hyde Park Barracks (an Australian convict site) are both World Heritage sites and “must see” places.

The temperate climate, reasonable cost of living, great range of leisure activities as well as high levels of safety, education and health care are just a few reasons why Sydney is consistently rated as one of the world`s best cities.

Sandy beaches, National Parks, world-class theatres, great shopping, museums, art galleries, restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world, business opportunities with a relaxed lifestyle makes life at lot easier and more pleasant in Sydney.