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    QLD - Kelvin Grove State College


Kelvin Grove State College is only three kilometres from Brisbane city’s CBD. The college is convenient to public transport, adjoins the Kelvin Grove Campus of Queensland University of Technology and is adjacent to Kelvin Grove Urban Village. The college has three campuses – junior, middle and senior, and is part of a unique educational precinct that provides a focus on excellence in learning.

Having one of the first international student programs accredited by EQI means we have well-established, effective support structures for international students, both at school and with homestay families. Our learning program caters for students of different backgrounds, abilities and interests and has the highest level of accreditation with EQI.

Strong Focus Area
  • Dance (Ballet)
  • Tennis
  • Dance Excellence Program
  • Aviation
  • Soccer
3 Reasons To Choose Us

  1. As part of the P-12 college, each of the subschools: junior, middle and senior enjoys the opportunities to excel academically, in sports and the arts
  2. Experienced and highly-qualified staff experienced in supporting and integrating students with English as an Additional Language/ Dialect (EAL/D) across all subject areas
  3. Strong and established links with adjoining Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and other tertiary institutions, providing multiple pathways for students
Special/Excellence Programs
  • Queensland Aviation School of Excellence
  • Queensland Golf School of Excellence
  • Queensland Tennis School of Excellence
  • Football School of Excellence
  • Art and Design Excellence
  • Engineering Technology School of Excellence
  • Arts Excellence
  • Music Excellence
  • Dance Excellence
  • High Achievers and Academic Achievers (Middle School)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
Extracurricular Activities
  • Music programs – orchestras, jazz and string ensembles, bands, choirs, musicals
  • Student representative council
  • Debating
  • Social justice
  • Environmental and magazine committees
  • Sporting teams
  • Academic competitions


Term 1
  • Futsal
  • Swimming
Term 2
  • Athletics
  • Cross country
  • Futsal
  • Netball
  • Rugby league
  • Rugby league (girls)
  • Rugby union
  • Track and field
  • Touch football
Term 3
  • Athletics
  • Netball
  • Rugby league
  • Rugby league (girls)
  • Rugby union
  • Track and field
  • Touch football
Term 4
  • Swimming
All-round sports include: Basketball (girls), Bascketball (boys), Dance, Fitness, Golf, Gym, Recreational sports, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball
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