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Laneway Colleges 

Laneway has developed a unique approach to education. They have thrown out the old classroom rules and empower students to become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Their methodology combines project-based learning, design thinking and networking. This has created one of the kind learning experience that focuses on real world outcomes, business innovation and industry engagement.

Powered by technology and innovation the world is changing fast. The startup methodology is spreading in many areas of knowledge and different kinds of business. That's why Laneway encourage its students to study in a real life environment based in a state-of- the- art Startup Hub financed by the NSW local government .

At Laneway students can learn and enhance their knowledge in three different areas: Management , Marketing and Leadership.


  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Diploma of Business
  • Advanced Diploma of Business
  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication 
  • Diploma of Marketing and Communication 
  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication 
  • Certificate IV in Leadership and Management 
  • Diploma in Leadership and Management 
  • Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management 


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