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    TAS - Launceston College
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    TAS - Launceston College
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    TAS - Launceston College


Launceston College has a tradition of excellence in education for 100 years. It is the largest college in the State and is able to offer a wide range of subjects and courses in a safe, supportive and friendly learning environment for over 1400 students in year 11 and 12.

Launceston College offers a comprehensive program of all eight learning areas and in vocational education and training. We pride ourselves on providing the academic, vocational, cultural and social environment that fosters high level outcomes

Launceston College is highly committed to ensuring international students gain the highest possible outcomes. 

Strong Focus Area

Launceston College has a proud history of sporting success. In recent years many of our students have taken their sporting careers to the National and International stage. Launceston College has exceptional sporting facilities including a fitness gym, gymnasium, multi-sport complex and swimming pool to support our athlete’s development. We also have close access to tennis courts and football/rugby grounds at Royal Park.

Academically, Launceston College is famous for the achievements of its students – both international and local. In the last five years International students have won entrance to the most prestigious universities in Australia.

3 Reasons To Choose Us

  1. The highest level of student learning and recreation facilities available.

  2. Located in the city centre of Launceston, walking distance to Launceston’s trendy cafés. 

  3. Offers an extensive tutorial program designed to deliver extra learning support for students.

Specialty Programs

A range of speciality programs are offered to students that complement their studies, including: 

  • Extension Programs in Maths and Science for advanced students, such as the National Youth Science Forum and Maths Relay competitions
  • Student Leadership Council and Debating
  • Performing arts including Music, Drama and Dance
  • Camps and cultural activities 
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
Information Technology Facilities

Advanced IT facilities are provided and WIFI is available throughout the campus.

Specialty Facilities

Launceston College is at the forefront of preparing students for further study and careers in the technology, design and entrepreneurial areas, through its integrated approach to learning. The STEAM Centre (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) provides students with interdisciplinary opportunities to use cutting edge technology in areas such as coding, virtual reality, using drones, app design and 3D printing. Students are involved in the planning, design and the entrepreneurial processes as they collaborate and network with businesses. 

Other speciality facilities at Launceston College include: Automotive workshop, building and technology workshop, cooking, dance studio, internet lounge, music recording studio, photography darkroom, radio station, rock climbing wall, squash court, swimming pool, video suite and weight and fitness room. 

Enrichment Activities


Aero club, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, biking, choir, concert band, cricket, dance, debating, drama, hockey, kayaking, mountain bike riding netball, rock climbing,rowing, running, soccer, stage band, surfing, swimming, touch football, vocal ensemble and volleyball.

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